Todays Quiz
1.Consider the following statements about SAUNI and choose the correct answer:
    1.Through this project major dams in the Gujarat region will be filled with Narmada River
    2.Under the project total 1126 m long three links will be setup for pipelines
    3.The scheme is intended to divert the excess over flowing water of Narmada and use it for benefit purpose
    4.First phase launched from Jamnagar district of Gujarat
    Which of the above statements are correct-
    (a)1, 2 and 3 only
    (b)2 and 3 only
    (c)3 and 4 only
    (d)1,2,3,and 4
2.Who of the following won the Belgian Grand Prix 2016:
3.Consider following statements about Saraswati Samman:
    1.It is awarded for outstanding literary work to Indian authors in the 22 Indian languages
    2.It is the highest literary award in India
    3.It was instituted by K.K. Birla Foundation in 1990
    4.Punjabi language poet Padma Sachdeva got the title for year 2015
    Which of the above statements are correct-
    (a)1 only
    (b)2 only
    (c)3 and 4 only
    (d)1, 2 and 4
4.Consider the following statements and choose correct answer:
    1.Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was signed between India and US
    2.This agreement allows the forces of two nations to setup and use bases for repair and replenishment of supplies
    Which of the above statements are correct
    (a)1 and 2
    (b)1 only
    (c)2 only
    (d)Neither 1 nor 2
5.Consider the Following statements about National Sports day and choose the answer which is not correct.
    (a)National Sports day is celebrated on 29 August
    (b)This day marks the birth Anniversary of Major Dhyanchand
    (c)Major sports Awards are conferred on this day
    (d)Dhyanchand was a football player